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8 Local Clubs play each other 4 times in BOIL (Bromley Outdoor Indoor League) during the winter.  

The format is 2 triples teams.  2 points for a win and 1 for a draw for each game, and the same for the overall match.

Tim Vane is the league co-ordinator and each club has a BOIL representative..

2021-22 League

Teams (& Captains)

  • BIBCOS E & E1 (Diane Clark)
  • Bromley Town A & A1 (Tim Vane)
  • Knockholt B & B1 (Mike Haywood)
  • Langley H & H1 (Graham Bellwood)
  • Orpington Excelsior D & D1 (John Hepworth)
  • Orpington Goddington  C & C1 (Alan Niblock)
  • Petts Wood F & F1 (Andrew Downs)
  • Sidcup G & G1 (Linda Stephens)


Final table - Congratulations to BIBCOS Final table - Congratulations to BIBCOS



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