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‘Etiquette of the Game’ means to act within the guidelines and laws of the game of bowls, have consideration for your fellow players and to act in a way that is appropriate.  New Bowlers won't be expected to pick up points of etiquette immediately, but will do so through mentoring and during roll-ups.  Some examples are set out below ….

  • Keep track of play; be ready to bowl when it is your turn.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off during play and used with discretion while in the vicinity of the green.
  • Avoid obscuring the rink number, rink markers or the jack (no white shoes behind a white jack).
  • The lead should prepare the wood for his/her opposite number when the latter is placing the jack.
  • Every player at the mat end, in particular the No. 2, should assist in collecting bowls when the end is completed. 
  • The lead should prepare the wood for his/her skip if the latter is the next to bowl at the changeover. 
  • Do not walk through the ‘head’ when changing ends. 
  • Players not actually bowling should stand at least one metre behind the mat. 
  • If at the ‘head end’, stand in a position not to distract the bowler.
  • Always stay on the mat until your wood has rested. Apart from helping to improve the delivery of your next wood, you ensure you remain in possession of the rink.  
  • If playing in triples or rinks, please remember this is a team game.  
  • Equally, please remember it is the role of the No. 3 to decide if a measure is required and to determine the number of shots won or lost.  It is not a decision made by consensus.
  • Acknowledge good shots from both sides. It is appropriate to applaud but any applause should be directed at the good shots of either players or both teams, not just the home side or an individual. 
  • It is not appropriate to clap a shot which has rested well if it was the result of a ‘lucky’ wick.
  • Do not criticise your opponents, the green, or your own team. If you cannot say something positive, do not say anything at all.
  • Win or lose – do both with good grace.  
  • Above all, enjoy the game of bowls. 




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