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By BIBC - bromleyibc@gmail.com Bromley Indoor Bowls Centre

Saturday, 27 June 2020


Bromley Indoor Bowls Centre Contributor



Dear Member

The Board of BIBC has been meeting on a regular basis to discuss all aspects of the Centre and will continue to do so, but bearing in mind that at all times our first priority is to ensure the safety of all members, guests and staff, especially with the introduction of Covid-19 to our lives.

As you know because of the pandemic the Centre finally closed for an indefinite period on Tuesday 24 March and all staff were informed that they were being placed on temporary leave. Since then we have used the Government’s Job Retention Coronavirus Scheme and continued to pay them in full.

However, at a (virtual) meeting in late May the Directors came to the conclusion that normal bowling activities would not recommence at the beginning of our new year, 1 September 2020, and were highly unlikely to do so in any significant way throughout the whole of the 2020/21 season.

We were, therefore, faced with having no income from membership subscriptions, the use of rinks or catering facilities. At the same time, we have committed outgoings. Our landlord the London Borough of Bromley have refused to waive any lease payments which amount to £50k p.a. and, furthermore, under that lease, we have obligations to make sure that the building and its contents are maintained. We have other rental agreements for equipment and facilities and even though the centre was to be ‘mothballed’ there would be some heating and security bills to pay.

We have reserves which we would utilise to pay these outgoings, but we regretfully came to the conclusion that we could see no immediate need for catering and administrative staff posts which cost some £120k p.a. so decided to start a consultation on declaring these post redundant with affect from 30 June 2020. Consultation was initiated with the staff and they were asked for any comments by 22 June following which we would meet again and make a final decision.

On 23 June the Board met again, and despite receiving no comments from the staff, have decided to leave catering and administrative staff on the Government’s furlough scheme on 100% pay, until the scheme ends on October 31.

Before that date is reached, the Board will make a decision on what will happen to all staff, depending on where we are with the Government’s decisions and taking into account the safety of users at the Centre.

The Board have been discussing many developments that will happen when we are ready to open again, but as you will understand, we cannot give a definitive opening date. What we would like to emphasise is that we will be opening at some time, so stay with us and keep the Centre in your mind.

We have decided that eligibility to membership, from existing fees, will last until at least 31 December.

The Website, Newsletter & Facebook will be giving you information as and when we know it, plus we will send bulletins to all members when a safe opening date is planned, even if that will be under very strict guidelines.

To those of you who are receiving this communication through the post I would ask that if at all possible, you could let us know if we could contact you electronically e.g. via relatives or friends. That would be a major help in both the speed we can get information to you and to the cost.

The Government has made some relaxation on the lockdown recently, but we as a Centre have to make a judgement with respect to the safety of all BIBC people, so opening may be some way off at present.

Thank you for your patience, stay safe and well and we will see you as soon as it is safe to do so.

Dr.Roger Smith

Chairman BIBC

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BIBC - bromleyibc@gmail.com

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