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Bowls Websites

Organisation Website Notes

The World Bowls Association

The Professional Bowls Association

English Indoor Bowling Association

The  governing body in England for level green indoor bowls.

Bowls England

The governing body for outdoor lawn bowls.

Kent County Bowling Association - Ladies' Section

Kent County Bowling Association - Men's Section


Bowls Website Directory

Bowls Development Alliance

Disability Bowling

Disability Bowls England (DBE)

The co-ordinating body for bowlers of all ages and abilities with a physical, sensory or learning (Intellectual) Disabilities.

Check out their videos on YouTube

Bowls Development Alliance

('Disability Bowls' is on the 'Bowls For All' menu)

Visually Impaired Bowls England

British Wheelchair Bowls Association

Wheelchair Bowls


The English Bowls Coaches Society

The Society (formerly known as the English Bowls Coaching Scheme) has a long history of service to bowls coaching. It represents nearly 1600 bowls coaches in England. It is committed to empowering its members to enable them to provide a quality service for the bowls clubs they serve and for all bowlers generally.

Coach Bowls

The only Nationally Recognised Qualifications for the sport of Bowls in England, wholly supported by Bowls England, EIBA Ltd, BCGBA and ESMBA.  Coach Bowls is committed to delivering a first-class service for all, whichever code of the game you play.

Lawn Bowling Hand Signals (YouTube video with over 100,000 views)

Useful Tips and Coaching (on West Wickham Bowling Club's Website) 

Match Officials

World Bowls

This section of the World Bowls website deals with matters relating to the training and accreditation of umpires. The World Bowls Laws Committee has produced an Umpire Development document to support the introduction of a uniform set of training and examination procedures worldwide. Elements of this document have been added to this section of the website to create an interactive learning resource. The pages contain videos and photographs to assist with learning. Descriptions of the interactive sections can be found in the contents list, each section can be accessed by clicking on its name.

English Bowls Umpires Association

The EBUA is the unified governing body for qualified Bowls Umpires in England. They have over 600 members at various grades: Markers, Regional, National and International Umpires.

Bowls Equipment and Services

John Forsey Bowls

Bowls shop in Wellling, regular 'Roadshows' at BIBC (see Events for details), a Bowls Re-Stamping Service.

Bowlswear Direct

Regular 'Roadshows' at BIBC - see Events for details.

Bowls International Magazine




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