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This new BIBC website was developed in May 2019 using software supplied and supported free by HugoFox.  HugoFox are recommended by Bowls England and London Sport as a good website development and support platform.  HugoFox is used by a number of other local clubs.

The initial aim was to include all the information from the previous website and to add rink availability & league information.  Some information has been updated, e.g. re umpires and Ian Macdonald as Head Coach.  An initial gallery has also been added, also summer match sheets, competition draws and newsletters are now included. More information and photos will be added as time goes by.

The previous BIBC website is still live, but will direct visitors to the new website.  It’s main function now is to hold the rink and league information created by the 'Management System For Bowls Clubs' supplied by Beeken Software Solutions ( contact Barry Beeken); it can also be used as a warm standby website in the event of the new HugoFox website being unavailable.

BIBC’s Google listing points to


Guided Tour

Home - Welcome page. 

          Please note that the sign-up link is regarding News articles posted to the website – if you sign-up you will receive an email when a News Article is posted or updated (click 'View News' to see the new article or 'View All News' to see our News page).

News – News articles.

Membership - Membership – information for potential new members.

Rinks – The latest rink availability.

Leagues – The latest internal league information.

Competitions – Details for both the Winter and Summer seasons.

Fixtures – Details for both the Winter and Summer seasons.

Kent League – The Ladies’ and Men’s results and tables.

Juniors – Information and contact points.

Coaches – Names and contact point. 

Umpires – Names of qualified umpires and contact point.

Presidents & Captains – This large table can sorted by headings on desktop PCs etc (facility not available on mobiles).

Honours – Successes and achievements at Club, County, National and International levels.

Gallery – Some general photos initially.

Contact – Phone number, address, contact form and map.

Individuals Spotlight - We focus on individuals successes and individuals history.

Rink 9 - Information on our restaurant, what goes on and the people who run it.




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(Draft disclaimer) This website was designed & built and is maintained & enhanced & supported by Rob Dubery (BIBC Member) free of charge.   It utilises a free (to community Bowls Clubs) HugoFox website build package recommended by Bowls England.  All the content is the sole responsibility of BIBC.  Any errors, omissions or breaches of law are unintended – and unknown! 

Please email or complete a Website Feedback Form if you have any concerns regarding the content or functionality of this website – thank you.