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Everyone is welcome to use coaching available at our Club, whether you are new to the sport or need help with your game. 

Our senior coach Ian MacDonald has a message for you that hopefully you will take on board ....

 ‘‘Every sporting activity makes good use of their available coaching facilities to enhance the quality of their players. Except, it would seem, the bowling fraternity. It would appear that generally speaking bowlers believe that they can improve their game with lone practice and self-motivation. What they fail to realize is that they are unable to actually see and understand the results of any changes they might make. They do, however, convince themselves that maybe today was just a bad day and tomorrow will be okay again. Now that we have your attention, I would like to introduce you to our coaching team who have been trained to understand all aspects of the sport and recognize how to help players improve their game whatever their experience. Everyone is quickly able to play bowls but not everyone can win on a regular basis. This takes a certain amount of grit, determination and knowledge of tactical play. Coaches do not just teach bowls but also have the ability to spot why things are not working so well for any individual and then put them right. Why not book some time with a coach and see for yourself how they can help your game reach a higher level. Just speak with reception who will ask a coach to contact you to organize an acceptable time to meet with you.’’

To arrange a session, just give reception a call on 01689 834341.


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