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How much does it cost to join Bromley Indoor Bowls Centre?

There is a joining fee of £30 which is offset by the £20 cost of 4 coaching sessions for new bowlers. The annual subscription of £120 runs from September to August, and is charged on a pro rata basis, e.g. reduced to £10 if you join in August.

How much are your rink fees?

Players are charged rink fees of £4 per person for each session which usually lasts two and a half hours, or you can pay with vouchers which cost £30 for 8.

What if I haven't played bowls before but would like an opportunity to try out the game before committing myself?

We operate our 'Community' scheme for precisely this purpose. Training sessions by qualified Coaches, usually on a one to one basis, are arranged to help you decide if bowls is 'for you'. The scheme provides for four sessions at a cost of £5 each. All equipment i.e. shoes and bowls is included in the price.

I enjoy Bowls but am not competitive

That's great! Many of our members are not 'high flyers' but appreciate and enjoy the social side of being part of a great Club. They can just 'roll up' to play with friends or join a group of like minded members. No pressure is exerted on anyone to participate in competitions.

I enjoy Bowls and I am competitive

Then we are the club for you! In the winter season (October to April) we have many Winter Leagues operating Monday to Friday between 09.30 and 20.00 hrs. In the summer we also hold indoor Leagues on a reduced basis.  We also hold internal competitions played amongst members.  We enter Kent and National competitions on an individual and club basis.

How Can I Get Started?

Please phone Reception (01689 834 341) or use the contact form - we welcome new members.

If you would like to join the Centre, please telephone 01689 834341 or email

We will invite you to be shown around our Centre, answer your questions, and arrange explain the few joining formalities.







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