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Enhancements and Additions

April 2022

Date Details

16th April 2022

Finals Weekend Programme added to BIBC Competitions

25th April 2022

Finals Weekend results added to Club Honours

March 2022

Date Details

8th March 2022

  • Quicklinks added to our Home page

22nd March 2022

  • BIBC Kent League results added (in addition to tables)
  • BIBC Competitions - photo updates added all 15 live comps

February 2022

Date Details

10th February 2022

  • PDFs for Men's and Ladies 2 Wood BIBC 2021-22 draws added to BIBC Competitions
  • Quiz Night and Art Class dates updated
  • BIBC Membership updated
  • Newsletters added
  • Competitor Club Details completed (sub-page of BIBC Fixtures)
  • High level page navigation links added to the end of all pages (including Gallery page which is currently hidden)

11th February 2022

  • 2003-04 Yetton Trophy Winner details added to County Honours
  • Website Guide added (includes Site Map)

15th February 2022

  • Site Map relocated under Home page and hyperlinks added (a great suggestion from Brendan McCormack)
  • Chelsea Pensioner visit feedback added to Home page a new gallery page
  • Director roles updated and club email addresses added

23rd February 2022

  • Kent League page links to KCIBA for league table

January 2022

Date Details

4th January 2022

Rink 9 updated - price lists and photos added

19th January 2022

Men's Kent League Table @ 15Jan22 added

20th January 2022

Rink 9 updated - new 'All Day Menu'

21st January 2022

Social page and sub-pages for Quiz Nights, Art Class and Crib Evenings added.

24th January 2022

  • Men's Kent League Table @ 22Jan22 added
  • Covid update on Home page

4th Quarter 2021

Date Details

30th December 2021

PDFs for remaining BIBC 2021-22 draws added to BIBC Competitions

18th December 2021

Competitor Club Details sub-page started (under BIBC, Fixtures)

17th December 2021

BIBC Club Honours update started re 1997 to 2019 (retrieved from 

14th December 2021

PDFs for initial BIBC 2021-22 draws added to BIBC Competitions

13th December 2021

Re-structure to reflect BIBC Ltd - specifically BIBCOS added (work in progress)

9th December 2021

  • Initial Fire Prodecures and Disabilty pages added for review and comment
  • Umpires page updated and renamed Match Officials
  • BIBC Competitions page updated following input from Sue Bennett 

7th December 2021

Disability Bowls added to Weblinks page (also restructured)


29th November 2021

Newsletter & Gallery pages hidden pending redesign

22nd November 2021

  • Link to Competition Rules added
  • Link to Laws of the Sport added (to Umpires page)
  • Newsletters converted to PDFs
  • Fixtures converted to PDFs and link KCIBA Clubs and Contacts added
  • Draft website disclaimer added to website guide page
  • Website Feedback Form added

21st November 2021

  • Kent League page updated re the 2021-22 season
  • Competitions page enhanced with EIBA links 
  • Rinks expanded from 6 to 12 weeks 





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