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Laws of the Sport

Click here for the latest version (and history) on the EBUA website (also links to competition rules).

This booklet is 60 pages long, but a great deal of this is regarding exceptional situations which Umpires are required to know - or at least understand! 

Most bowlers will find these sections well written and quite probably enlightening:

  • Section 1 (p9 to22) - Game basics
  • [Section 2 (p23 to 31) - Game anonolies] 
  • Section 3.1 (p32 to 33) - Players and their duties (The skip, The Third, The Lead,  Players with disabilities)
  • Section 3.2 (p34 to 36 ) - Officials and their duties and spectators (The Marker, The Umpire,  The Coach and The Spectators)


Bowls Stamping

Click here for 'A Simple Guide to Current Requirements for the 2020/2021 Season'




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