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Rink Utilisation

At the BIBC Ltd Board meeting on Monday 13th December 2021 it was decided to remove the links to our rink utilisation system from our website because this is only meant for BIBC members. 

This decision was made following a security concern raised by a member.  The Board considered this a prudent step to take, although the majority of clubs using the system have the information openly available via their websites as BIBC Ltd had for 30 months.

It will still be available to members via the weblinks sent via email by Diane (our Centre Manager) to all BIBC Members at 11:05 on Saturday 1st January 2022 (no rejections, so hopefully all website users received a copy - if not please check your junk mail etc).

Members who didn’t receive the email are able to request a copy via the simple form below (expect a response within 12 hours, usually 3 or 4 hours) ....




BIBC Member - Rink Utilisation Access Request

Please click this box to confirm that you are a BIBC member. *




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